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Hospitals are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs and increase productivity whilst providing clinicians rapid access to shareable information.

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Getting consultants, clinicians and specialists on the same page and working together can be challenging.  Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings are essential, but travelling takes valuable time and meetings cover large numbers of care plans.

There are a wide range of specialist solutions available to help specific areas of healthcare,  but with little time for IT training early adoption is often low.  21st Century healthcare solutions need the best of both worlds.  Technology needs to bring everyone together, improving collaboration, cooperation, secure data access and management whilst being as intuitive and familar as possible.

Budgets are under huge financial stress, but what if technology could offer direct savings in clinicians’ time and travel expenses?

Surface Hub hospital managementMicrosoft Surface Hub is a brand new device that does just that.

It re-defines collaboration and is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to feel comfortable walking up and using it.

Surface Hub provides the perfect infrastructure for a digital roadmap to leverage the efficiencies technology can bring the NHS, in a secure and reliable way.

Integrating the best of Microsoft hardware, software, and productivity services in a single package, Surface Hub makes collaboration easier than ever before.

With our combination of engineering expertise and award winning system design Feltech can help your team leverage this powerful new tool, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.  Microsoft Surface Hub allows health professionals to spend less time navigating technology and more time caring for their patients, empowering teams with fast, easy ways to communicate.

Key features:

Revolutionise your MDT meetings – connect with remote colleagues only when they are needed in the meeting.

Securely share PIDs, annotate and save documents without printing piles of documents.

Take a big step closer to 2020 paperless by holding Executive Monthly meetings with the Hub.  Presentations can be created in Microsoft 365 beforehand, then securely shared on OneDrive at the start of the meeting.  Remote participants can join easily. Files can be mirror cast the screen, annotated by anyone in the meeting (locally or remotely) and saved back to OneDrive at the end – all without one papercopy being printed.

Surface Hub provides the perfect infrastructure for a digital roadmap to leverage the efficiencies technology can bring the NHS, in a secure and reliable way.  With Windows 10 and its familiar interface and apps users find it easy to walk up and work, user adoption is high as people are already accustomed to the software.

That’s not all.  Surface Hub will also let you:

Connect with remote patients unable to visit facilities with specialists
Create a single source for hospital data and store it in the cloud
Diagnose medical issues using a large screen, with powerful apps & split screen technology
Access current information via native apps, personal devices or the cloud
Improve collaboration and instant connectivity with dual 1080p cameras, and  4 element microphone array

Dr Erin O’Callaghan Senior Research Associate School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience Bristol University

Collaboration is so important to use because we really wouldn’t be here without it, it is critical to the progression of our research.

Every day every week we are communicating with scientists from around the world trying to understand the data we’ve been measuring and the data they need.

We work with technology that is so complicated and ideas that are so complicated you just can’t get across those ideas in a basic email.  So having visual clues and visual representations of things where you have immediate feedback from your collaborators is critical to getting the message across and to moving the research forward.”

Bristol University use Microsoft Surface Hub to enhance data analysis, group diagnosis and collaboration between experts in bio medical science

Professor Dr. Sven Mutze, Institute Director for the Department of Radiology and Neuroradiology, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

“We’d never seen anything like this before. The technical possibilities & the performance were very impressive,” says Dr. Mutze.

Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin is one of the world’s leading trauma care hospitals, renowned for its stroke, burn and spinal cord treatment, in addition to its tele-medicine and tele-neurology practices.

While the hospital is at the top of its game, a culture of relentless improvement powers its care ethos. Looking to make great care even better, clinicians chose Microsoft Surface Hub to help them meet new challenges in clinical collaboration, patient processing, virtual care, professional training and doctor–patient communication.

To find out more about how Microsoft Surface Hub and bespoke healthcare apps can help improve care decisions, reduce re-admissions and drive value across the board contact Feltech’s Microsoft Surface Hub specialists on 01727 834888.

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