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With enhanced collaboration capabilities it’s easy to see how Microsoft Surface Hub could transform the classroom experience for both students and teacher.

Bringing powerful Windows 10 apps and Skype for Business together in one package the Surface Hub is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to feel comfortable walking up and using it. This  makes it easier than ever for students to work together on projects incorporating video, images and written content.

Based in Berlin, Germany, the European School of Management and Technology is an international business school that was founded in 2002 by 25 German companies and institutions from multiple sectors.

To explore enhanced technology in the classroom and continue to support its students, ESMT decided to test a Microsoft Surface Hub team collaboration device.

Key features of the Surface Hub

Surface Hub is a large-screen, ultra high- definition (UHD) touch devicesurface hub education

Integrated videoconferencing through Skype for Business

Dual 1080p cameras

Digital whiteboard and note-sharing capabilities.

ESMT recognises that students learn in many different ways and found that it can use Surface Hub to provide completely differentiated and flexible options for learning, whether it’s viewing embedded videos, annotating a presentation through responsive touch and ink input, or engaging experts from other countries to demonstrate new approaches.

Surface Hub Education

Active Education

The benefits of Surface Hub also extend beyond those to students. “Currently, an outside expert may attend a video call in which the students can see him, but it is difficult for him to know whether what he’s saying is making an impact,” says Robert Wilke, Head of Information Technology at ESMT. “By using Surface Hub, remote lecturers can see and interact with participants, and the live feedback of students’ expressions and gestures results in a more rewarding teaching and learning experience. Plus, it’s more convenient and cost-effective for us to involve outside experts when they don’t have to travel to one of our campuses.”

To find out more about the European School of Management and Technology‘s experience with Microsoft Surface Hub Education read their Case Study.

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