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IPTV & Digital Signage

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is a method of distributing television content over IP that enables a more customized and interactive user experience.

Gone are the days of TV distribution via coax cable – digital signage systems are becoming more commonplace as the technology becomes more cost efficient; you’ll find them whilst queuing in the bank, on buses and trains, in the office and around museums. Colleges and universities use them to reach many students across disparate campuses at once – corporations and government departments use then to keep staff up to date with news, targets or events.

Controlled from a central location the systems allow for real time information to be shared over multiple sites with the click of a button; whether you’re enhancing your client’s experience whilst they wait in line or helping customers find the correct venue for an event, IPTV and digital signage can help you.

Feltech have installed IPTV and Digital signage systems on permanent and ad-hoc sites for corporations, government departments, educational institutions and venues.
IPTV and digital signage have many applications from wayfinding, advertising and interactive services to brand building to enhancing the environment.

Corporations with multiple locations can keep on top of information shared with their teams and control remote site branding from a central system. Retail outlets and public transport companies are increasingly looking to digital signage to enhance their customer experience during waiting times, whilst increasing revenue through advertisements.
Speak to one of our specialists for more information on how an integrated system can help your business today.

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