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Changing Places #PlacesChanging

Changing Places #PlacesChanging

Changing Places

Changing Places

Feltech are delighted to be working with FVU to present Changing Places, a series of exhibitions staging contemporary artists’ moving image within ten historic buildings across the country scheduled to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Indian independence.

Feltech’s creative/technical partnership with FVU makes it possible to install technology-based audio visual artworks with due sensitivity to the challenges presented by heritage building environments.

Changing Places is a touring exhibition of artists’ moving image curated by FVU launching on 7 July 2017, at The House Mill, London.  At the core of the project lies the narrative of industrialisation and its global legacy: a mode of production that has altered landscapes, choreographed migration, created monumental buildings and shaped social attitudes. Through the pairing of specific sites and artworks, Changing Places bridges the chronological and geographical gaps between the industrialisation currently occurring across South Asia, and the places in Britain where the blueprint began.

Changing Places

Changing Places









In collaboration with several tour partners, including the Canal & River Trust and National Trust, ten buildings have been invited to host artworks that resonate with their locations. Each site has been curated to place local histories within an international context, underlining globally intertwined stories of places and people. The majority of the locations selected are non-gallery spaces. In some instances, the presence of Changing Places will open rarely seen interiors to the public, or bring a fresh perspective to buildings that have recently undergone or are currently under renovation.

The tour launches at The House Mill, London Borough of Newham, on 7 July, with a newly commissioned installation piece and four video works throughout the Grade 1 listed 18th century tidal mill. Specially arranged guided tours will lead visitors through narrow passageways to a hidden work on the upper floor.

The national tour features six artists: Bani Abidi, Ravi Agarwal, Imran Channa, Omar Chowdhury, Desire Machine Collective and Yasmin Jahan Nupur. All live in, work in, or retain a connection to Bangladesh, India or Pakistan. Presented in 2017, during the 70th anniversary of Indian independence, these artists’ works cover a range of perspectives and situations, from international migration and border-transcending environmental impacts, to the individual who navigates and responds to shifting social and economic circumstances.

The title, Changing Places, reminds us that places are constantly on the move, regularly being transformed, re-inhabited or reinvented as places of work or leisure. The pairing of buildings with the artworks they are exhibiting reveals how historic movements continue to reverberate in the present, illuminating the universal upheavals associated with modernity and ‘progress’, and reminding us that change is the only constant.

Peter Fell, Managing Director of Feltech

“We are delighted to be working with FVU to present Changing Places, bringing 21st century audio visual artworks to life in these incredible locations with due sensitivity to the challenges presented by heritage building environments. Feltech have many years experience working in listed buildings including installation work in conjunction with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and English Heritage, so the team are perfectly placed to assist with the transformation of these buildings.”

Mariam Zul qar, Curator:

“Changing Places offers a counterpoint to a prevailing rhetoric, predicated on fragmentation and division, that has become normalised within our current political discourse, and at a time when notions of economic power are being reevaluated and repositioned around us. The bringing together of these sites with these particular works offers a different perspective on our intertwined histories, in the hope that we are armed with better tools with which to comprehend our current circumstances. The exhibition intends to explore the notion of post-national via post colonial experiences through the various disjunctures embedded in the artworks.”

Steven Bode, Director, Film and Video Umbrella:

“FVU projects have often sought to investigate the histories of the places in which they are presented, in ways that make that history resonate for the contemporary moment. The 70th anniversary of Indian independence is an ideal opportunity to consider some of the industrial architecture that sprung up in the boom years of trade with the Indian subcontinent, and how a model of industrial production that was forged in the Britain of the 19th century has been transported to other parts of the globe. By siting moving-image works by artists in a number of venues that embody Britain’s imperial industrial heritage, we want to illuminate this experience of change: in the change of use of the buildings themselves, or in the wider urban environments in which they are located. Changing Places is a reflection on how cities transform, and how people move between them and transform them.”

Tim Eastop, Executive Producer at the Canal & River Trust, is responsible for delivering Arts on the Waterways, a collaborative arts programme situated on and inspired by Britain’s waterways:
“The Trust is proud to be a key partner in this innovative tour of contemporary films curated by FVU. Changing Places is helping to address fascinating concerns for the Trust around the changing roles of the unique and historic canal side buildings that we look after across England and Wales. The tour is helping the charity to inspire people to engage with their local canal in a new way, through the lens of international contemporary lm, and realise the opportunities to enjoy tremendous high-calibre cultural activities on our waterways.”

Grace Davies, Contemporary Arts Programme Manager, National Trust:

“We are delighted to be working with FVU to present Changing Places, which presents work that resonates with the South Asian links within three National Trust places – Roundhouse in Birmingham, Quarry Bank in Cheshire and Osterley in Greater London. The project also marks the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence, and the start of a period of research for National Trust that explores the links between our places and India, and will culminate in a programme of events in 2022 – the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence.” Find out more here.

www.fvu.co.uk/projects/changing-places #PlacesChanging

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