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London Conference on Cyberspace

The London Conference on Cyberspace on 1 & 2 November 2011 was a major international conference to address economic and social issues, cybercrime and security.

Hosted by the Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, the Rt Hon William Hague MP, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, key delegates from Governments, industry and civil society around the world including Prime Minister David Cameron, US Vice President Joe Biden, Helen Clarkof the United Nations Development Programme, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildtand Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales came together at the conference to develop a better collective understanding of how to protect and preserve the tremendous opportunities of cyberspace.

21da71_16cabff978710f929cd8a8cd2b3dfcb5In just a few weeks, in collaboration with conference event services company MCI, Feltech delivered comprehensive media facilities and host broadcast services providing seamless coverage and facilities to the worlds’ media, on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the conference.

The Feltech media centre provided facilities to enable international TV and Radio broadcasters to film, record, edit and transmit the coverage, press conferences, interviews and other media opportunities. Facilities included 25 edit suite booths, 6 radio booths, and full written press facilities for 150, all with full support from Feltech’s experienced technical team.

A last minute change of plans for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meant that she was unable to attend the conference. Feltech were able to help by arranging a live satellite link with the White House at 2 hours notice, allowing Vice President Joe Biden to address the conference in her place.

21da71_62338366f9e8d32728628a7df7baa341Feltech were responsible for providing secure wi-fi and fixed point internet access both in the media centres and across the rest of the venue for delegates, a significant challenge due to the possibility that the event could be maliciously targeted to highlight flaws in IT security. Each of the 1000 accredited individuals for the conference and media centre were allocated unique username and password combinations and all cyber traffic was scrutinized to protect against either internal or external cyber attack. Numerous fail safe mechanisms were also implemented to ensure maximum network protection and cyber security.

Working closely with the FCO Feltech were also responsible for accreditation of 400 Media including secure online registration facilities and holographic badging.

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