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FeedMatrix is an innovative cost saving system that delivers live broadcast video to TV platforms including BT Tower, Teleports & Web TV platforms and broadcasters over your existing internet connection.

Through a unique IP switching matrix your camera feed can be sent to single or multiple destinations for a fraction of the cost of traditional satellite or fibre methods.  FeedMatrix integrates easily into your existing system and connects to your production workflow in HD or SD.

Once the system is connected you can reach global audiences with high quality video 24/7 365 days a year.

Fibre lines to BT Tower can cost tens of thousands of pounds to install and maintain, satellite links are also a heavy financial burden  and hard to justify when budgets are under increasing pressure.

FeedMatrix encoder set up costs just £5,300 to send broadcast quality signals to a global audience over your existing internet connection, with a monthly subscription fee of £529.  There is an hourly fee if you wish to send your signal to BT Tower for broadcasters to collect of £165.

If you wish to send and receive signals to create two-way broadcasts a decoding system is also available.

The system relies on an existing internet connection with a suitable bandwidth, if you’re unsure whether your system is compatible we would be happy to discuss this with your IT department.

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