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Microsoft Surface Hub Zone

Microsoft Surface Hub Zone

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white-sliceFeltech are Microsoft strategic partners in the release of Surface Hub, a ground breaking workspace collaboration tool.  Surface Hub re-imagines the way people 
work together, delivering a new level of productivity and simplicity to collaboration.  Like to find out more?  Call us on 01727 834888 to speak to our collaboration specialists.

Some of the most productive work happens when you can harness the collective knowledge and skills of a group.



When you bring the right backgrounds and experience together, suddenly the most challenging problems feel like they can be solved.

But the way we work is changing:

Teams are more global, more dispersed and more mobile.

Workspaces are shifting, becoming more open and more densely packed to encourage collaboration.

To succeed teams need to be able to collaborate without struggling with disparate technologies and multiple devices.  Surface Hub wraps up Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote & Universal Windows apps in a simple and intuitive way so anyone can feel comfortable walking up and using it.

Feltech can help you leverage the power of Surface Hub, seamlessly integrating this groundbreaking tool with your existing systems.

While we have great tools for individuals, the tools and technology available for groups have not evolved to address the needs of the modern workplace.

Unlock the Power of the Group

  • That’s why Microsoft created Surface Hub—to unlock the power of the group
  • It’s a brand new collaboration device that re-imagines the way people 
work together.
  • Surface Hub can be as transformative to group productivity as the PC 
was for individuals
  • Surface hub is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to feel comfortable walking up and using it
  • It integrates the best of Microsoft hardware, software, and productivity services in a single package.
Surface hub

Microsoft Surface hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is the first of its kind

The interactive display brings together the power of Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote & Universal Windows apps to deliver a new kind of productivity experience optimised for groups.

State-of-the-art hardware

  • 55″ HD and 84″ 4k options
  • Built-in dual cameras
  • Integrated computer
  • Two rechargeable pens for inking and annotating
  • Integrated speakers
  • A variety of stands and wall mounts


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